Buying Guide For The Best Quality Air Track Mat

Air track mats have become very popular with people who want to practice various moves in Jiu Jitsu or other martial arts, as they are high-quality and long-lasting. Not only is it a great idea for those who train a lot and need durable mats, but it’s also a convenient option for gyms that don’t have the space to always store tatami mats.

An air track mat is made of vinyl or other thick material that supports the weight of someone standing on top of it without sinking, unlike some other flooring materials. Moreover, it has some give, so you can roll over its surface without hurting your knees or shins. These are some of the many perks one can have; still, if you wish to get a good quality air track mat, we will offer some suitable details for the buying process.

Important Points To Remember

1. Consider the size:

A good air track mat should be large enough to accommodate all the martial artists training within the room’s confines. You can have an air track mat that is double-sided or monolithic; this will allow various practitioners to practice on it at once and help you create more space in your gym.

2. Consider quality:

In addition to size, you should consider quality when looking at mats such as these. As mentioned above, you can choose based on size and quality material: monolithic or vinyl. Monolithic mats are often made of foam and provide a soft surface that can support people who are doing rolls. On the other hand, Vinyl tracks have a hard bottom that is resistant to pressure and easy to clean.

3. Consider price:

It’s important to remember that the best quality air track mat is not the most expensive one. While you should consider the materials and size, you should also check for something within your budget range; do not sacrifice quality just because it’s cheaper! Good quality mats will last longer and be safe for practitioners of all ages, so don’t forget to also look at the warranty if any is available.

4. Consider shape:

A great air track mat has a smiley face shape and is also slightly raised from the floor and which you can check through Kameymall. Besides this, it must be thick enough to deal with lots of weight and withstand any outdoor weather, no matter how extreme it may be.

5. Consider color:

It’s a good idea to check the color of your air track mat and ensure it’s the one you prefer. While black is a popular choice, you can opt for something in red or neutral colors. In addition, some mats are colored in blue and yellow to represent the colors of Jiu Jitsu and other similar martial arts.

6. Consider thickness:

You should also check the thickness of your mat and ensure that it’s quite thick but not too thick. The thickness of your mat will depend on the type you choose: a thicker monolithic mat is primarily for those who do rolls, while the vinyl mats are often thinner. However, this doesn’t mean that one is better than the other; it’s more about finding a balance between durability and affordability.

7. Consider folding:

Another aspect you should consider is folding the air track mat – if it has this option. When choosing the bench kind, it’s unnecessary to fold your mat since it is sometimes stored on a wall when not in use. However, if you have a floor mat, consider folding it to reduce the clutter.

8. Consider material:

The material on your air track mat will affect its lifespan and durability. As explained earlier, vinyl and monolithic options are not what you want if this is going to be used outdoors. This is because these materials are prone to wear out faster than the others.

9. Consider storage:

Some air track mats fold, while others don’t. It’s important to check if your mat is foldable, as there may be times when you don’t want it taking up space or may need something that can be easily stored away.

10. Consider shades:

There are many air track mats that come in various shades; therefore, you can opt for one which matches the color scheme of your gym. There are also some that have design options, such as a smiley face or a Kame symbol. It’s entirely up to you as to which one suits your style the most!

The final words

In a nutshell, it could be said these are a few points, if considered, that will help a lot in getting the best air track mat. Now the best part is to use the listed above points, and then you can easily make use of the money’s worth.

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