How Do Pet Stores Get Their Dogs?

You may be wondering: How do pet stores get their dogs? While the owners of most pet stores claim that their dogs are sourced from USDA licensed breeders, the truth is a little different. These businesses may be purchasing their dogs from puppy mills. While responsible breeders would never sell their puppies through pet stores, some might. To protect the dogs in their care, responsible breeders would only sell their puppies through pet stores if they had a good reputation.

The majority of dogs and puppies sold at pet stores are from puppy mills. These facilities are rife with cruelty, and responsible breeders would never sell their animals to pet stores. In addition, puppy mills are inspected by the same people who inspect meat plants and are often part-owners themselves. The animals are not given the proper food or care, and many of the puppies and dogs that do survive the gruesome journey to pet stores do not receive adequate medical care.

Another problem is that these stores often separate puppies from their mothers too early. They know that customers prefer puppies who are younger. While puppy mills may have a genetic defect warranty, it’s unlikely to be long enough to identify it. And even if you do discover a problem with your puppy, your pet store will only replace it Newshunttimes with another puppy, which may be from a different breed. So how do pet stores get their dogs?

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