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Skin lacks “ceramide”, the real cause of sensitive skin.

The problem that many people encounter is that even if they try to nourish their skin with nourishing creams. Allergies were not completely cured. or even change the cream found that the symptoms improved But soon, the signs of sensitive skin came back repeatedly. The real cause of sensitive skin problems that come and go is due to the lack of ‘ceramide’ in the skin layer. Ceramide is an important component. Acts as a protective barrier against factors such as pollution, sunlight, dust, or irritating ingredients from common skin creams. Ceramides also help retain moisture. Therefore, the skin is strong, healthy, not allergic. The skin is easily damaged by external stimuli, allergic skin symptoms such as rash, itchy rash, red rash, burning, pimples or clogged acne. From allergic skin to chemicals or steroids in cosmetics thus appearing repeatedly, etc.

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Do you have any of these symptoms?

– Facial skin, body skin has repeated dryness problems. Even after using a nourishing cream, it is not completely cured. It comes back and forth.

– After washing your face, your skin will be dry, tight, with white flakes.

– Besides the cheek skin around the eyes Lips are still dry and rough. just hit the seam or label on the collar. You feel itchy and irritated.

– After sweating The skin is itchy. Sometimes there is a red rash.

– Body skin feels irritated, itchy and dry until insomnia especially when in an air-conditioned room

– Feeling worried from dandruff Or the scalp has dry, itchy symptoms that you accidentally scratch frequently.

want healthy skin not easy to lose repeatedly It must start from ‘protecting’ the skin from ceramide loss while cleansing it, ‘filling’ the ceramide content within the skin’s layers, and ‘stimulating’ the skin’s natural ceramide production. And should avoid external and internal stimuli. But the most important thing is to choose cosmeceuticals that contain ingredients like natural ceramides of the skin. that helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier 96% of Japanese dermatologists agree that ceramides help increase moisture within the skin. and can treat the skin of patients with skin allergies

Sensitive skin..can be unlocked with ‘ceramide’

‘Ceramide’, an important helper for people with sensitive skin. solved on the spot

This is because the skin with sufficient ceramides will be truly hydrated, strong and healthy in the long run.

In medicine, ‘ceramide’ plays an important role in indicating that our skin is “weak” or “strong.” Usually, the addition of ‘ceramide’ in the skin layer can be done through the use of nourishing products. Skin with natural ‘ceramide-like’ ingredients.

Cosmetics with ingredients similar to natural ‘ceramides’, which are gentle on the skin. and is an important component contained in the product It will help to maintain the most effective skin care for sensitive skin. which can nourish and restore sensitive skin at the following points:

– Adds moisture to the skin and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.

from external irritants

– Stimulates the creation of natural ceramides in the skin. by increasing the efficiency in the production of ceramides of the skin

Therefore, nourishing the skin with products that contain ingredients like natural ‘ceramides’

Will help fill the ceramides into the skin effectively.

Makes the skin strong, healthy and reduces the risk of recurring sensitive skin problems in the long run.

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