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Football is the most popular sport in the globe, notwithstanding the opinions of some locals (such as those in the USA or China, for example). Even if the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB are once again very lucrative sports, it is not surprising to see that this sport attracts the most bets globally. 

The ANJ-approved sports betting sites will demonstrate that France is undoubtedly no exception to the rule: all French bookies prioritize football.

In this tutorial on how to bet on football, we’ll aim to help you become a better sports bettor by providing you with the fundamentals for a novice as well as tips that might be useful to even the most seasoned of our readers. 

Even though we must always emphasize how difficult it is to win at sports betting, you should at least be able to optimize your soccer winnings with our advice. Hope you enjoy it!

What football wagers are most common?

If you are a seasoned football Bola Gacor, the information below won’t be entirely new to you. But it’s crucial to keep in mind the fundamentals of football betting initially, namely the most common bet types.

How do I place a single football wager?

The simplest and most popular type of soccer betting is single wagering. Any bookmaker you visit will provide you quick access to it. 

The objective here is to wager on either the home team (1), a draw (N), or the opposing team (2). There are numerous pieces of advise that may be given for this kind of wager, but we’ll focus on two in particular:

  • Avoid placing single bets with odds of 1.5 or 1.6 or less. Find wagers that you believe are worthwhile and are above its values. Example: Dynamo Kyiv was up against La Gantoise (Belgium), and the odds against the Ukrainians were 2 to 1 at home. Despite their positive reputation, we were aware that the Belgians were in excellent condition. Here, a single bet on Dynamo was the best option.
  • If you don’t neutrally and objectively perceive value in the teams you support, don’t place emotional bets on them.

How do I place combination bets on football?

Without a question, football accumulators are the second most common type of wager on the game. Here, the goal is to raise overall chances by “putting together” a minimum of two single bets (or any other type of wager). 

Handsets are a true goose that produces golden eggs for French bookmakers! In fact, there are way too many combinations that players try. It must be acknowledged that websites like Winamax or Betclic generate ludicrous attention every time “it passes.” But over time, it is nearly impossible to succeed with this kind of wager. 

Our daily predictions may be of assistance to you if you’re looking for solid examples of combo bets. However, note that we will never recommend placing more than three stakes in a combination bet, unless it’s just for fun or off-budget.

How can I wager on football competition winners?

Betting on the outcome of football competitions is highly common, despite the fact that they are virtually always in the medium- to long-term. This is to predict the champion of either the Champions League or Ligue 1 neither of which is really interesting, it must be mentioned. Even while some wagers on competition winners are more intriguing than others, we don’t particularly advise placing these wagers with your main bankroll.

How can football scorers be backed?

A secondary football league is experiencing an explosive player? When playing in a certain competition, does a certain goal scorer (Romelu Lukaku in the Europa League 2019/2020, for instance) consistently score goals? 

In France, bets on who will score first in a game are frequently placed. There is a way to create value even though some chances are not usually that high.

What football prop bets are the most common?

Football “system bets” are extremely popular in English-speaking nations but are far less common on French sports betting websites. Nevertheless, they can be intriguing in the context of particular combinations with low hazards, for instance. 

If you correctly forecast the results of at least three out of the four matches, you will have won a “34” system bet. We won’t go into great depth because there may be several of them.

Even while these aren’t precisely side bets, we also suggest the “fantasy leagues” if you wish to wager on football in a unique way. These later ones let you choose virtual teams for particular events and are notably featured on Winamax and/or Zebet. Great victories are conceivable if your squad ends up with the best stats.

What are some of our winning soccer betting strategies?

The advice we could give you to win at football betting is many, as you can see from our list of our top 10 sports betting tips! Football sports betting is similar to online poker in that it takes only a few minutes to comprehend but years to perfect. But if we had to choose just three suggestions, they would be as follows.

Money management when betting on soccer

To be clear, you are allowed to act anyway you like if your intention is not to place a genuine football wager. We’ll be pleased as long as you behave sensibly. But on the other side, bankroll management is crucial if you want to increase your chances of winning in football.

Bankroll management in football betting refers to never placing a wager that exceeds a certain sum. Think about the following instance:

Leicester City vs. Manchester United (Premier League): The Red Devils are in excellent shape, and even if Leicester could spring a surprise, you think the 1.8 of MU has a lot of value. Even in this scenario, you should never wager more than 5% (some would even say 2.5% of your total available funds for sports betting) on a single game. Simply said, this will help you “survive” any variations in your (un)lucky cycles.

Avoid placing emotional wagers while betting on football.

Even the top football sports bettors in the world have noticed this tendency! Put blind money on your preferred team! 

How often have we witnessed players do mistakes of this nature, for instance, during PSG games… All that matters in sports betting is “value.” You must continue to be indifferent to your sense of comfort.

Watch out for low football betting odds.

Let’s use the most ideal case to demonstrate this advice: even though PSG dominated the 2018–19 league, betting on them to win every Ligue 1 game was unquestionably a bad decision! 

There are a lot more surprises than you might anticipate, and odds of 1.2 or 1.3 to 1 will almost always result in a loss of money over the long term. 

Despite having a 29-game winning streak throughout this illustrious campaign, PSG still allowed 4 draws and 5 losses. Because the low odds save you so little money, the losses would be enormous over the long term.

How can I use sports betting bonuses and promos to my advantage when betting on football?

Take advantage of sports betting incentives from licensed bookmakers in France if you want to increase your chances of winning at football, especially if you sign up for a sports betting site if you have never had an account. Important information: 

We strongly urge you to spread out your sports wagering around several different sites if you want to take advantage of the most bonuses and promotions on football. You would have access to many more options if you spread even 20% of your cash among five different websites.

The three perks and promotions listed below could be of great assistance to you:

  • The best way to begin your journey into the world of football betting is probably with one of the welcome bonuses offered by French betting companies, which are all first-bet bonuses that are repaid if the latter loses. 

You should be aware that if you have never had an account with them, you are eligible to receive between 100 and 150 euros (!).

  • Increased odds: Almost all French bookmakers are able to take advantage of these promos. Simply put, they give you access to superior odds on particular football games. For instance, this kind of promotion is frequently offered during matches involving French clubs competing in the Champions League or when Les Bleus play.
  • Freebets: Also frequently associated with the most popular football games currently, freebies (free bets in VF) give you the opportunity to receive free bets in exchange for placing certain predetermined bets.

Best bookmakers for football betting

In order to conclude, we wanted to let you know which French sportsbooks are the greatest in a number of very particular categories. The following advice may be helpful to some of you in your decisions, even though, at the risk of repeating ourselves, we advise you to take advantage of the welcome offers of websites on which you have never had an account.

The best sportsbook for football odds is: Even though the Winamax sports betting site’s qualities go beyond the odds, at this level it is the finest in France. And it’s not us saying it; it’s an impartial organization called Odexa.

Best sportsbook for Ligue 1 betting: As we detailed in our evaluation of the bookmaker Zebet, this French-language website places a special emphasis on Ligue 1. For each day of the tournament, a variety of promos, betting grids, and other freebies are accessible there.

The best bookmaker for a large selection of football wagers is: We got to this conclusion when writing our review of Betclic: this bookmaker provides the most options for wagers on football as well as wagers on sports in general!

Best sportsbook for live betting on football: In our humble view, the sportsbook with the most live feeds is always the best one for live betting on football. With between 25 and 35 thousand broadcasts annually, Unibet is really remarkable in this category!

Best welcome bonuses for football sports betting sites: If you have never had an account there and count on receiving a first bet refund, Netbet, with its 150 euros, is likely the top bookmaker even though other sports betting sites surpass this amount Scooptimes.

Football bookmaker with the best enhanced odds (and other promotions): Winamax is once again THE LE champion, at the risk of seeming a little neutral in comparison to bookies like PMU or Parions Sport, which also have a lot of good attributes. Numerous incentives and many increased odds are available overall.


How can I profit from soccer betting?

By placing a high value on playing responsibly and having fun first! While following our betting tips should help you increase your wins, long-term success in football betting is exceedingly challenging Jmdhindi.

How can you increase your football betting odds of success?

Three fundamental suggestions—managing your bankroll, controlling your emotions, and paying close attention to the betting odds—seem to us to be particularly crucial, even though the general sports betting advice we have assembled for you should be helpful.

What football wagers are the best?

Even while tastes and preferences may vary, we know from experience that the best players frequently favor the simplest bets. Our daily forecasts may provide you with some inspiration Famousbiography.

How can I use a sports betting bonus when betting on football?

We encourage you to review our list of websites offering sports betting bonuses in France before you start placing bets on football. In fact, as a new player, you can benefit from a 100–150 euro initial bet return!

How can I profit from placing multiple football bets?

There is no magic formula, and combo bets are generally not advised for responsible gaming. In any case, there are some noteworthy combinations of at most two or three sporting events Newsintv.

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